Caye Caulker, Belize

‘Go Slow!’, the motto of Caye Caulker couldn’t be more apt for this small Caribbean island off the coast of mainland Belize. Cars are absent here and golf carts, bicycles and walking are the main modes of transport. The only way to access this quaint village is to take a boat from the mainland and it is commonly known as a backpackers paradise so we had to pay a visit! Caye Caulker is famous for its balmy weather, fresh seafood and crystal clear waters with a barrier reef on its doorstep. We spent most of our time here at the Split which is a narrow waterway that divides the island in two. It is said to have been created during a massive hurricane in the 1960’s but nowadays is a popular spot for sun bathing and swimming amongst locals and tourists alike.

The highlight of Caye Caulker for us was exploring life underwater with a full day of snorkeling with Stressless tours. We opted for this company as they were an Eco agency that deliberately don’t feed fish or sharks at the famous ‘Shark Alley’ in order to retain the eco balance within the reef. Twenty sharks surrounding the boat is not a normal phenomenon and so we were quite happy to see one or two swimming in their natural habitats.
There really is another world under the sea and we were in awe of how vast and spectacularly beautiful it was. We saw some of the most amazing coral and tropical fish including; Sharks, Rays, Manatees, Turtles, and even an Octopus. Although a full day snorkeling is tiring, it was well worth it and was one of our favourite experiences on our trip so far!

Back on the island, our favourite meal of day was lunch. Local families vying for business had BBQ’s set up along the shoreline with the freshest of produce on offer. We dined on fresh lobster, shrimp and jerk chicken whilst taking in the laid back vibe on the island. We really enjoyed our few days relaxing here but from speaking to locals, it is not the hidden gem it once was. It felt quite commercialised and catered mainly for Westerners. The most popular food and drink on the island was bagels and iced coffee which said enough for us!


  • Relax at the Split and swim here in the crystal clear waters
  • Full day snorkeling
  • Sample the local fresh BBQ lobster
  • Admire the sunset at Iguana Inn -but watch out for the brazen Pelicans!

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