Bacalar, Mexico

Laguna de Bacalar (Lake of Seven Colours) was one of the most impressive freshwater lakes we have ever seen. The crystal clear waters looked nearly artificial and we were in dreamland when we arrived. However, when we were dropped at our accommodation, we were swiftly brought back to reality! Our small bamboo hut didn’t leave much to the imagination and so we quickly offloaded our bags, ran out to the wooden dock and jumped in to the lagoon for a refreshing dip. Our stay in Bacalar revolved around being near the lake and so, after we moved accomodation, we spent most of our time at a chilled beach club called La Playita. It overlooked the lake and had a private swimming dock whilst serving chilled fresh juices and tasty food. 
The area itself is a real haven for backpackers that are destined for Guatemala, Belize or further into Central America. We spent much of the next week with travellers that we met in Bacalar! 

The highlight of our visit here was a private sailing tour across the lagoon. It was slightly more expensive than the motor boat tours but we felt it was the most environmentally friendly and peaceful way to enjoy this unique place. We stopped off at four different locations and had the opportunity to swim at leisure in the balmy, shallow waters. The first stop was Pirates Channel , an ancient connection between Europe and the Americas and the lake bed here was rich in minerals, perfect for exfoliating! We also stopped at Cenote Azul, Bird Island and Mayan Island.

There is a strong western influence here when it comes to restaurants, and we were glad to take a break from tacos and tortillas for a few nights! We treated ourselves to dinner at Nixtamal on our last night in Bacalar and it was one of the best dining experiences on our trip so far. The food was prepared on an open fire and BBQ and our mouth watering, juicy steaks and fresh jumbo shrimp were exquisite. 


  • Sailing tour across the lake and through Pirates Channel
  • Swim off the many wooden docks
  • Lounge for the day in La Playita 
  • Dining experience at Nixtamal

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