People talk about visiting somewhere for the first time and how different and diverse it can feel for an onlooking tourist. However, I have travelled all over the world and can honestly say that Havana is the most authentic city I have set foot in. The vibrant colours, sounds of chatter, car horns, music and the distinct aromas wafting through the air stimulate all of the senses. Life here is simple and almost takes you back to an era where social media or image obsession did not govern society. The division of social classes is not as noticeable in Cuba and so most people have a reasonable standard of living.  However, those working in the tourism industry definitely have an upper hand over the government-employed workforce.  Emotion in Cuba is expressed through their music, be it through; dance, singing, playing instruments or just tapping along to the sounds in the street. Havana is a haven for musicians. The streets here though are the real heartbeat of the city and the most enjoyable part of Havana for us was just savouring the local atmosphere. It is a very safe place and walking for 10 minutes down any street you could find kids playing marbles/football/baseball, men selling fruit/meat/kittens/cigars, groups of men playing dominos, women attending their shops and elderly people keeping an eye on affairs from their windows or front porches. Its almost as though life hasn’t changed here in the last 100 years!!


  • Cycling tour around the west of the city visiting John Lennon Park, Revolution Square, Christopher Columbus Cemetery & Habana Forest
  • Historical Walking tour to learn about the rich past of Havana
  • Try the local Mojitos, Cuba Libres or Daiqiuris 
  • Listen to the live Cuban music at Hotel Inglaterra, El Floridita or Plaza Vieja
  • Salsa lesson in Reliquia Bar

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